The worlds gonna know your name

Kristen with Cole and friends - September 1

twilight saga meme | [1/2] two outfits » bella’s prom dress

↳ I’d spent the better part of the day in Alice’s staggeringly vast bathroom, a helpless victim as she played hairdresser and cosmetician. Whenever I fidgeted or complained, she reminded me that she didn’t have any memories of being human, and asked me not to ruin her vicarious fun. Then she’d dressed me in the most ridiculous dress — deep blue, frilly and off the shoulders, with French tags I couldn’t read — a dress more suitable for a runway than Forks. Nothing good could come of our formal attire, of that I was sure.

Luiz & Cavani at PSG vs St. Etienne match - remember when they were at each other’s throats that one time? 


Zlatan Ibrahimovic & David Luiz at the PSG vs Saint-Etienne match 31/08/14

Arrival at the hotel in Miami for the Brazil vs Colombia friendly.

Paris Saint-Germain’s David Luiz and Edinson Cavani celebrate after Cavani’s goal put PSG up 4-0 against Saint-Etienne at Parc des Princes on August 31, 2014